Why Did We Start Impact Capitalist?

I was once asked why I felt that there was a need to be an impact capitalist rather than just a capitalist.

Unfortunately, most people do not understand the true power of capitalism. And while I am currently working on a blog post (maybe a white paper) that explains my evolution toward becoming an impact capitalist, the name was very strategically chosen and the reasons are very well thought out.

I call myself an “impact capitalist” because if I used “radical capitalist,” people would think I was crazy. As an impact capitalist, I can have conversations with liberals, conservatives, and libertarians. Plus, any time the word “radical” is used to describe you, you are put on a Homeland Security “no fly” list. I travel way too much for that to happen.

So, after much thought, and in no particular order, here is why we started Impact Capitalist. It is because we believe…

  • in the free (and peaceful) exchange of goods and services
  • free market capitalism is the greatest wealth distribution system in all of human history
  • free market capitalism gives us opportunities
  • like faith in Jesus, free market capitalism allows for failure and the chance to start again. And again. And again. And, if necessary, again.
  • crony capitalism is not free market capitalism
  • there are others that want to use their business to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.
  • it is morally wrong for group A to take from group B and give it to another group, C, while making group B feel guilty for not “giving” more
  • my children need to know that they have options and opportunities
  • in self-determination, free enterprise, private property, and free trade
  • in the power of acting upon ideas
  • the world has been built by people trying to make their own lives better by trying to make others’ lives better
  • that profit (money) is not the root of all evil, but a tool to help us to live an abundant life
  • pursuing a profit with others in mind helps us see the good we’re doing for others
  • some people in the western world are preaching a message of theft and peddling guilt
  • Jesus demands a return on investment, both economically and spiritually
  • many business owners do not understand basic economics
  • we have the right to make our own choices, even those that others deem are “wrong”
  • there are a lot of Posers out there who have contributed nothing to society but claim to be some kind of moral authority
  • that “we have a moral imperative to do well, to invent the future, to create wealth, to raise everyone else’s standard of living, if only to make up for those…who are an anchor on progress.” (Andy Kessler)
  • the middle class is shrinking and many want help to move up the socioeconomic ladder to make life better for their business, themselves, and their family
  • government has NO ability to provide the necessary resources to help the shrinking middle class move up the socioeconomic ladder
  • giving is actually sometimes greedy and pursuing one’s self-interest is sometimes “self-less”
  • there is a glorification and deification of “social entrepreneurship” and “social entrepreneurs” and I’m sick and tired of it.
  • that there are business owners who are providing products and/or services that make life easier, more efficient, and simply, better for us and they need to be celebrated

I believe that a big part of my righteous path is to help steal capitalism back.

For Impact and Profit,



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